NEW: "Extraordinary U: The HxA Model of Statement Neutrality"

When should university leaders "weigh in" on controversy? A principled approach.

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Academic research is a way to seek truth, but also a social process full of competing incentives and biases. We explore how ideology and power games can make research go wrong – and ideas for how to do better.

From the start, we have highlighted how ideological trends can skew the process of truth-seeking, by narrowing the questions we ask, the data and measures we use, and the answers we reward. HxA members explore this challenge across all facets of the research world, from government grantmakers, to disciplinary associations, to the vast world of academic publishing.

Overlapping with larger conversations about peer review, replication of results, and the pace of new discoveries, we gather perspectives and proposals about how the modern industry of academic research can be re-imagined to better live up to its ideals.

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