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By joining Heterodox Academy, you can become part of a community of more than 5,600 faculty, staff, and students who are committed to fostering open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement on their campus and across higher education.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the new HxA Portal, a private online forum for HxA members and HxCommunities
  • Invitations to members-only discussions, panels, and other events
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Subscription to our emails, which includes our Weekly Bulletin newsletter featuring the latest HxA content and curated higher ed news 
  • Award and funding opportunities
  • Access to HxCommunities
  • Members-only discount to the HxA Conference

Membership Requirements

To become an HxA member, you must:

  1. Be affiliated with a higher education institution (i.e., hold, or have previously held*, a position as faculty, staff, or administrator; be currently enrolled as a student; or be employed at a higher education related organization or institution)
  2. Affirm the statement, “I support open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in research and education.” Members employed by a college or university are publicly listed on our website. 
  3. Agree to model the HxA Way to the best of their ability when participating in HxA events and publishing on HxA platforms.  

*Retired and former faculty, staff, or administrators should have at least five years of related higher education experience.

Membership is based only on the above criteria. Heterodox Academy does not screen prospective members based on research field, ideology, or political or social affiliations.There is no cost for membership. However, if you can make a financial contribution to support HxA, please visit our donation page. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of others to carry out our work. 

Become a Friend of HxA
HxA supporters whose professional experience lies outside of higher education  are encouraged to become a Friend of HxA by signing up for our emails to stay up to date on HxA activities.


Email or call (516) 939-1940.

  • Hufnagel Headshot Crop-01

    “I believe that educators have an obligation to provide an environment for students to look at all sides of issues. I do not think that is taking place enough in today’s academic environment. I want to be part of the solution.”

    —Dr. Matthew Hufnagel, HxA Member
  • Michelle Finley

    “I want the university to prioritize truth seeking above all other kinds of missions, and I think a commitment to viewpoint diversity is essential to achieving that. I want to be part of a community that shares that value.”

    —Michelle Finley, PhD, HxA Member
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