Graduate Student Affiliate Membership in Heterodox Academy

Graduate students are apprentices in the ancient guild of the academy. They will determine the future of that guild. Therefore, Heterodox Academy now welcomes graduate students interested in advancing viewpoint diversity. If you are currently enrolled in a PhD program, we encourage you to apply to become an “Affiliate Member” of Heterodox Academy.

Graduate Student Affiliate membership is based on the following criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in an accredited Ph.D. program, and is listed on the website of the relevant department.
  2. Intends to become a professor.
  3. Endorses the following statement:  

“I believe that university life requires that people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives encounter each other in an environment where they feel free to speak up and challenge each other. I am concerned that many academic fields and universities currently lack sufficient viewpoint diversity—particularly political diversity. I will support viewpoint diversity in my academic field, my university, my department, and my classroom.”

A note for international applicants: We focus mainly on universities in the United States, though we are slowly branching out to addressing viewpoint diversity on international campuses. Because political homogeneity and the suppression of dissenting views is a problem in many countries, we welcome applications from PhD candidates in other English speaking countries.

Membership process: Membership is determined by the membership committee and can be revoked at any time. Members may withdraw at any time too. There is no work required and we do not collect dues or fees.


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