While many students, faculty, and administrators share a commitment to creating diverse and equitable campuses, views diverge about whether viewpoint diversity on campus undermines or supports other diversity-related goals. Some say that advancing viewpoint diversity puts students from historically marginalized backgrounds directly in harm’s way, ensuring they will be exposed to hateful speech and ideas. Others argue that a commitment to viewpoint diversity is especially important for people from traditionally less privileged groups. Panelists will explore a range of perspectives and critical questions about the relationship between viewpoint diversity and other aspects of diversity.



Tony Banout | Senior Vice President, Interfaith Youth Core

Jennifer Collins Bloomquist | Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Dean of Social Sciences, Gettysburg College

Taffye Benson Clayton | Vice President and Associate Provost, Office of Inclusion & Diversity, Auburn University

Karith Foster | CEO & Founder, F.R.A.M.E. Foster Russell Alliance for Meaningful Expression


Jamal Watson | Executive Editor, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education