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White Paper: Improving the Intellectual Environment in High Schools

Samantha Hedges

In 2020, HxA began soliciting and creating tools and resources for K-12 educators, primarily those working in high schools; in the summer and fall of 2021, we conducted a listening tour to learn which barriers prohibit school leaders and teachers from embracing and promoting our principles in high schools. We spoke with nearly 40 thought leaders in the field of K-12 education, including school principals and teachers, school of education faculty, nonprofit leaders, and university and think tank researchers. The participants provided insights into the barriers that schools face and what support and resources they need to embrace these principles. This paper describes those barriers and offers recommendations for high school leaders and teachers who have noticed similar issues or want to align teaching and learning with our principles in their schools.

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We are compiling a compendium of initiatives, policies, programs, and other innovations that have been deployed in classrooms, on campuses, and in disciplines to support open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. We want to hear practical strategies, tools, and resources that have worked for you, and that others can readily adapt and implement in their own institutions. These can range from entire courses to syllabi, reading lists, and research. Learn more & contribute.

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