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Heterodox Academy members are professors, educators, administrators, and staff who have embraced this statement:
“I support open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in research and education.”

The Purpose of this Database

At Heterodox Academy, we believe that creating positive change in any complex system or institution requires people to stand up — to leverage their social capital on holding the line, pushing back against adverse trends, and leading by example. This not only has an immediate and local impact, but it also helps spread awareness, provides models for others to follow, and creates permission for others to stand up as well. Membership is a meaningful commitment precisely because it is public.

Over time, this list has proven valuable for other reasons: scholars are able to connect and collaborate with others in their field; students use the roster to find faculty in a given department who are committed to viewpoint diversity, open inquiry, and constructive disagreement; journalists can identify scholars who may be doing particularly interesting or compelling work. These kinds of uses are welcome and encouraged.

However, this list should not be used to identify people to email en masse for things like advertising an event, product, service, or calls for submissions. Instead, requests to contact HxA members should be submitted to If we agree that a request is of value to share with our members, we will do so through the appropriate channels. It is very important that this guidance be respected: should people abuse this database, we may be obliged to take it down. We urge our members not to respond to improper solicitations.

Note: Heterodox Academy does not endorse the scholarship, research, or personal viewpoints of individual members. Individual member perspectives are not representative of the Heterodox Academy organization nor of other HxA members.

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Please note: This list includes faculty, administrators, and staff at higher education institutions. It does not include graduate or undergraduate students (i.e., affiliate members). Members who have retired from academia may be listed with their current non-academic affiliation.

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