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On today’s episode of Heterodox Out Loud, we venture into the mind of James Madison, one of the most insightful political thinkers in American history. We learn how his wisdom can help solve many of the issues facing higher education. 

The blog, “Heterodox Academicians, Make Madison Your Model” was written by Jonathan Rauch, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. He’s the author of eight books including his most recent, The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth. 

As mentioned in today’s episode: On September 21st, we will be hosting a riveting discussion on disinformation, conformist culture, and the loss of trust in our epistemic institutions with Jonathan Rauch and Jonathan Haidt. You can learn more about the event here.

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This episode was hosted by Zach Rausch. The artwork was inspired by Rauch’s piece and was created by Lexi Polokoff. You can follow her on Instagram @lexipolokoffart