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On today’s show, we explore the possibility that the ongoing crisis of free inquiry and viewpoint diversity in universities is not a sudden aberration, but instead the inevitable outcome of a rigid, top-down university system. From undermining students’ natural curiosity to increasing stress and anxiety, we talk with Dylan Selterman—Social-Personality Psychologist and Associate Teaching Professor at Johns Hopkins University—about the flaws in our current education system and his vision for a more student-led academic future. 

Dylan’s blog post: “Curiosity Is One Key To Heterodoxy. Forced Memorization Is Not.

For more from Dylan, check out his Psychology Today blog called The Resistance Hypothesis. He also hosts a podcast with Manuel Galvan called A Bit More Complicated (available at Apple Spotify Anchor). 

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This episode was hosted by Zach Rausch, and produced by Davies Content.