Deb Mashek and Musa al-Gharbi are the executive director and communications director of Heterodox Academy. They reflect on the organization’s activities in 2018 and present several new initiatives scheduled for 2019, including HxA Disciplines, member networking, and nationally representative data collection.

0:00 Rapid fire summary of 2018
8:30 Ideological diversity is connected to ethnic and religious diversity
12:22 Focusing on certain disciplines and public awareness
16:00 Revamping our Guide to Colleges
17:50 Nationally representative data on freedom of expression
21:10 Musa stepping away from communications position
22:35 Three key ideas


More on HxA’s history and current initiatives available here.

More on the problem(s) HxA is trying to address here.

Videos of the 2018 HxA Conference available here.

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Here is a transcript of this episode.

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