Ilana Redstone (@irakresh) is my guest. She is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she teaches core sociology courses and a special course called Bigots and Snowflakes: Living in a World Where Everyone Else is Wrong. She is the founder of Diverse Perspectives Consulting, whose mission to improve communication to create a truly inclusive workplace culture. Her research has focused on legal permanent residents in the U.S. She also has written about problems within the discipline of sociology.

She has been a faculty fellow at Heterodox Academy since 2017. She currently manages the HXSociology forum, part of the Heterodox Communities (HxCommunities) initiative. It aims to support and promote a sense of community among heterodox scholars within particular fields of study, particular geographic regions, and other specific academic communities.

Here is a transcript of this episode.

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