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For this episode of Heterodox Out Loud, we have Oliver Traldi’s response to Jonathan Haidt’s contention that “no university can have Truth and Social Justice as dual teloses. Each university must pick one.” In “The Truth is Not Enough,” Traldi furthers the discussion by arguing that Truth by itself is not an adequate mission for the university. 

To engage deeper with Haidt and Traldi’s ideas, check out our related posts “Truth and Social Justice: How Universities Can Embrace Both of These Values” by Patrick Casey and “On Truth and Ideology in Academia” by Christian Alejandro Gonzalez.

Oliver Traldi is a writing fellow at Heterodox Academy and a graduate student of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. Stay up to date with Oliver’s writing on Medium. For comments and questions email

This episode’s artwork was created by Lexi Polokoff. You can follow her on Instagram @lexipolokoffart