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In our first episode of Heterodox Out Loud, our host, Amna Khalid takes us on a journey back to the earliest days of the Heterodox Academy blog to listen to NYU Social Psychologist, Author, and HxA co-founder Jonathan Haidt read his seminal blog post, “Why Universities Must Choose One Telos: Truth or Social Justice,” a summary of his talks at Wellesley, SUNY New Paltz, and Duke University in 2016.

Haidt’s seminal piece has inspired numerous responses including “The Truth is Not Enough” by Oliver Traldi, “Truth and Social Justice: How Universities Can Embrace Both of These Values” by Patrick Casey, and “On Truth and Ideology in Academia” by Christian Alejandro Gonzalez.

You can follow Jonathan Haidt on Twitter @JonHaidt.  For comments and questions email

This episode’s artwork was inspired by Haidt’s essay and was created by Lexi Polokoff. You can follow her on Instagram @lexipolokoffart