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October 1, 2018+Team HxA
+Campus Climate

Episode 35: Jeff Jones & David Askenazi, Free Expression at U.S. Universities

Show Notes

Do college students think that freedom of speech is important? Do they think their campus climate supports free expression? And do they believe First Amendment freedoms are secure in today’s America? To answer these questions, the Knight Foundation and Gallup conducted two surveys of college students in America. The surveys were conducted in 2016 and 2017, so they also reveal which attitudes changed between these consecutive years. Heterodox Academy is now hosting this dataset below. This episode features David Askenazi of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and Jeff Jones of Gallup, who explain the survey results. Timeline 1:00  Theoretical vs. practical support for free expression 5:10 Support for violence and shouting down speakers 9:00 More people are saying the climate deters speech 12:20 What groups can speak freely? 14:10 Why Knight sponsored this survey 18:50 The superiority of the sampling method Survey Reports Knight Foundation: Free Speech on Campus: New Perspectives Emerge From Gallup/Knight Student Survey Gallup Foundation: College Students Say Campus Climate Deters Speech Gallup/ Knight Survey Codebook and Data: Codebook FAQ Excel CSV R (raw CSV) SAS SPSS Stata   See the full list of episodes of Half Hour of Heterodoxy >>


This is a transcript of this episode.

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