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2021 3 year research CES
+Viewpoint Diversity+Campus Climate

2021 3-Year Campus Expression Survey Research Report

After collecting data on campus expression climate for the past three years, we combined this data (total n = 4310) to examine how campus climate has changed and/or stayed the same from 2019 to 2021 for this research report. We focus on variables for which there is data across all three years: demographic variables, reluctance to discuss tough topics, campus climate, and anticipated consequences of sharing controversial viewpoints. Given the widespread impact of the pandemic, we also discuss student responses on COVID-19 questions from fall 2020 and fall 2021.

While our prior CES reports have focused on high-level findings with an emphasis on visualizing the data for general audiences, this report dives deeper into the methodology and analytical findings from these CES administrations. We invite our readers, especially those who are employed in academic contexts, to examine this report in detail and consider future research directions that could arise from these findings.


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