Creating an FSI Group

What is a group? A group can be however you define it. You may want to see how your class, your organization, your department, or your campus compares to others.

Why create a group? By default, YourMorals provides immediate feedback on your FSI results with a graph that compares your scores t the average male and the average female who have also taken the FSI. However, many people want not only to compare their individual scores to others, but also to see how their “group” compares to others, and how they, as an individual, compare to others in their group. In order to facilitate this, the creation of a group adds an extra bar to the FSI graphs to show you how your “group” scored on that measure.

How do you create an FSI group? Creating an FSI group is simply a matter of getting your own unique URL that you can give to others in your group. Anyone who signs up using that URL will automatically be added to the group and be able to see group averages, in addition to contributing to that average. To get a unique URL, please go to the Group Creation Page at and fill out your group information to receive a URL that you can send to others.


Sample email text for your group:

Dear class [ or student body, or whatever],

For our next meeting, ​I’d like you all to please take ​a survey on the site, which is a non-profit academic research site run by a group of social psychologists.

Please click on this link: [paste your group link here]

That link ​will take you to the YourMorals site. Once there, you can register by creating a free account.  The registration process is quick and primarily consists of demographic questions.  Once you’ve registered, the site will take you to the “Explore” page.

At the top of the “Explore” page you’ll see a table with the ​survey I’d like you all to take.  After you complete ​the survey, you’ll get an explanation of your results which will include a graph showing your score, the scores of everyone in our group averaged together, and the scores of other people who have taken that study. ​

Rest assured that your responses are anonymous. Nobody other than you will see your scores. The researchers at will only use your data for scientific research, and will never be able to link your responses to your name or identity.

If you have already registered at, before receiving this email, then you can add your existing account to our group by clicking on this link:

[paste in your add-link here, which was at the bottom of the page when you created your group]