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Intentional Dialogue
October 30, 2020+Team HxA
+Constructive Disagreement

Intentional Dialogue

The purpose of this guide to intentional dialogue is to achieve understanding, not agreement. Being understood is priceless and the benefits bountiful. Intentional Dialogue is a structured way to mindfully communicate about difficult issues. Its purpose is to create emotional safety, which will deepen connection and significantly increase the ability of the listener to listen and the person sharing to practice non-harming speech. By taking turns to respectfully hear each other with open ears and an open heart you can get out of the typical power struggle (someone is right or wrong). Instead, the goal is to respect each other’s different viewpoints. This structured yet conscious way of speaking can have endless positive effects on improving the communication in your relationships, organization, and leadership. The following practices were designed for use within the container of a supportive therapeutic relationship, but can be adapted for a variety of other settings, including the classroom.

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