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Join us at Heterodox Academy!

Although HxA academic membership is limited to professors (current and former) many others have a stake in the health of the academy and thus support our mission. To help make that support visible, we invite other university employees, and graduate students to apply for affiliate status.

While our mission focuses exclusively on the academy, we realize that many people beyond college and university faculty, staff, and administrators value viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding, and constructive disagreement; we invite everyone–students, parents, alumni, and other heterodoxy enthusiasts– to join us as Professional Affiliates or Friends of HxA to demonstrate their support for the Heterodox Academy mission.

Visit our join page to see the different categories available and to sign up.

If you believe in the mission of Heterodox Academy, then there are a multitude of ways to lend your support:

  • If you are an undergraduate student, join or start a Bridge USA chapter at your university to help promote viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding and constructive disagreement on your local campus, within your student body.
  • If you are a college graduate, write to the president of your alma mater or other administrators and urge them to advance viewpoint diversity via formal and informal initiatives
  • Encourage professors and administrators to adopt our OpenMind Platform for use in their classrooms and on campuses to depolarize groups and learn more about confirmation bias
  • If you know of any high school students preparing to select a college, encourage them to explore our Guide to Colleges

Donate to Heterodox Academy

Support our mission advancing viewpoint diversity, mutual understanding and constructive disagreement by giving to the organization. See how to contribute via our donation page.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others who wish to contribute their time and talents to advance the mission of Heterodox Academy.

Please contact our Director of Communications to share your interests and enthusiasms. If you have ideas for how you might like to contribute your time, talent, or treasure to advance the mission of Heterodox Academy, please reach out!




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