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The 2019 HxA Conference is Over. Now What?

Conferences serve many purposes: participants share perspectives, build relationships, and inspire possibilities. We’d like to think the 2019 HxA Annual Conference hit all of those notes — however, in the absence of subsequent action it would all amount to little.   To close last week’s conference, Jonathan Haidt and Deb Mashek urged attendees to work..

2019 directors address

2019 HxA Director’s Address

These remarks were offered at the 2nd annual Heterodox Academy conference, held June 20-1 2019 in New York City. Heterodox Academy held its first annual conference one year ago.  I took the stage having made a cross-country move with my 8-year-old in tow just two weeks prior. It’s been a year of transition and growth,..

Meet the 2019 Open Inquiry Award Winners

In order to address society’s most intractable problems, learners must weave together the best ideas from a range of perspectives. In their absence, important questions and ideas go unexplored, key assumptions can go unchallenged, and tribalism can go unchecked, eroding the quality of research and teaching.  Heterodox Academy is committed not only to measuring and..

free speech debate

What the “Free Speech” Debate is Still Missing

The question of, “is there a campus free speech crisis?” is fraught. The answer depends, in large part, on the evidence one uses to answer it. In most commentary so far, the metrics used to measure political tolerance on campus are at best incomplete and at worst misleading. Our collective attention is drawn to overt..

persistence change

Liberalism and Conservatism, for a Change! Rethinking the Association Between Political Orientation and Relation to Social Change

The idea that in all societies there are some people who seek to preserve stability, conserve the status quo, and prefer incremental change, and others who are more accepting of social change innovation and reform has a long history of acceptance in scholarship (e.g. Jost et al. 2003; Mill 1859/2011; Robin 2004). Attitudes towards societal..