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academic freedom

Measuring Academic Freedom and Intellectual Diversity

Whenever a university claims commitment to academic excellence, critical thinking, research productivity, career preparation, innovation, diversity and inclusion or academic freedom, there is a legitimate question about whether these terms are just fashionable slogans or actual campus characteristics.  Definitions and measurement are key. Reliable and relevant data are necessary. For example, if a university claimed..

theory of affective intelligence authoritarian

Applying the Theory of Affective Intelligence to Support for Authoritarian Policies and Parties

The idea that fear drives right-wing political attitudes and support for right-wing politicians has largely become accepted as a truism among many scholars (e.g., Altemeyer 1996; Jost et al. 2003;  2017; Robin 2004; Wilson 1973) and pundits (e.g., here, here, here). New research, published in Advances in Political Psychology, suggests that this model of conservatism..

diversity universities 5

What do universities mean when they talk about ‘diversity?’ A computational language model quantifies

Several political creeds over the past few decades have come to support the idea that diversity is valuable and desirable and that diverse societies may improve communication between people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, leading to greater understanding and peaceful coexistence. The usage of the term “diversity” has gained prominence as a result, at least..

An Institution Can Lean Left Without Excluding the Right

Sarah Lawrence College has struggled with questions of free speech and genuine intellectual and ideological diversity over the past year. In the fall of 2018, I published  an op-ed in the New York Times which argued that the extracurricular programming and the ever-growing group of college administrators at Sarah Lawrence College was ideologically lopsided to..