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Maria Dixon Hall

Episode 55: Maria Dixon Hall, Becoming Culturally Intelligent

Maria Dixon Hall manages the Campus Cultural Intelligence program at Southern Methodist University. She has a background in multiple disciplines, having earned a masters of divinity, a masters of theology, and a PhD in Organizational Communication and Religion. Her work in cultural intelligence differs from the typical diversity training that’s done on college campuses, and..


‘Viewpoint Diversity’ is About Much More than Politics

It is often said that the academy is dominated by the left. There is certainly a sense in which that is true. In terms of ideological self-identification, for instance, students, faculty and administrators trend decisively left (in ascending order of political homogeneity). However, this narrative is also a bit simplistic. First, because ideological self-identification is..

political dehumanization in American politics

Partisan Dehumanization in American Politics

Over the past decade, concern over how extremist political communities can employ social media to promote their views and incite violence has increased.  The Dangerous Speech Project defines dangerous speech as “any form of expression (e.g., speech, text, or images) that can increase the risk that its audience will condone or commit violence against members..