HxA’s bimonthly themes guide conversation on heterodox: the blog and in our events and programs. These themes aim to amplify ideas and approaches considered heterodox; to highlight dimensions of education where open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement struggle to thrive; and to otherwise invite unencumbered discussion about improving teaching, research, and university purpose. 

While blog contributors are welcome to submit pieces that are off-theme for a given month, pieces responding to our call for current themes or tying current and prior themes will be given priority consideration. All themed submissions must adhere to the blog standards laid out in our submission guidelines.

Call For Themed Blog Submissions

May, 2022: Open Inquiry in a Global Context

Throughout May we will explore the landscape of open inquiry and free expression on a global scale. What unique challenges do scholars and students face around the world when asking questions and pursuing bold inquiries? What risks do they take on? And what can the international context teach US colleges and universities about our own struggles and current trajectory?

We invite pieces that: 

  • Shed light on expression and intellectual climates outside the Unites States;
  • Analyze the effects of international intellectual climates on US universities and vice versa;
  • Examine biases and orthodoxies that emerge as a result of not examining cross-national perspectives;
  • Explore blindspots academics and researchers may have when it comes to global issues / global claims;
  • Discuss the campus expression climate for international students on US and non-US soil;
  • Explore rhetoric around university purpose across the globe.  

Other perspectives and approaches are welcome. We hope to enlarge our understanding of the international scene and its crosscurrents with US institutions. 

As always, we welcome a range of genres including book and research reviews, long-form argumentative essays, and pieces about heterodox pedagogy, history, and thinking.  

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