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Will the Academic Publishing System Perish?

Scholarly publications are the currency of an academic career, yet academics have brought significant challenges against the status quo of academic publishing, especially in the last decade. Established decades before the internet, the system has been challenged on grounds of speed, bias, and gatekeeping. In response, the last decade has seen a variety of reforms and experimental solutions to speed up the publishing process and fully utilize the tools available by the internet, increase research transparency, improve experimental replication, and reform peer review practices, to name a few.
In this panel discussion, academics dive into the challenges of speed, bias, and gatekeeping in our current system, in addition to the trade-offs and improvements that can be made to the status quo of publishing. Our panel of experts address questions such as:

  • What are the biggest flaws of the current academic publishing system that inhibit the goals of scholarship?
  • What is open science, its virtues and its tradeoffs?
  • What are the limitations of peer review?
  • How does funding inhibit exploration of high risk topics and open inquiry?
  • What are the possible solutions to our current academic publishing system?
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