Heterodox Academy members are all professors who have endorsed this statement:

“I believe that university life requires that people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives encounter each other in an environment where they feel free to speak up and challenge each other. I am concerned that many academic fields and universities currently lack sufficient viewpoint diversity—particularly political diversity. I will support viewpoint diversity in my academic field, my university, my department, and my classroom.”

We are diverse in our politics and in our academic fields. But we have come together to discuss ways of improving the academy by enhancing viewpoint diversity and the conditions that encourage free inquiry. Our members are listed in the table below while our advisory board and other personnel are listed here.

If you are a professor and would like to apply to join us, click here.


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Name SchoolDepartmentSelected Publications
Abbot, DorianUniversity of ChicagoGeophysical Sciences
Abeles, TomUniversity of LouisvilleEnvironmental Sciences
Abrams, SamSarah Lawrence CollegePolitical ScienceProfessors moved left since 1990s, the rest of the country did not
Addante, RichardCalifornia State University - San BernadinoPsychology
Adelman, JonathanUniversity of DenverInternational Studies
Adler, JonathanCase Western Reserve UniversityLaw
Agarwal, RajshreeUniversity of MarylandManagement & OrganizationsConfessions of a Silenced Professor
A Faustian bargain? The growth of management and its relationship with related disciplines
Albouy, DavidUniversity of IllinoisEconomics
Albrecht, MarcUniversity of Nebraska - KearneyBiology
Alevli, MustafaMarmara UniversityPhysics
Alexander, GerardUniversity of VirginiaPolitical ScienceReal academic diversity
Alexander, LoisUniversity of Michigan - FlintMusic
Allen, BrookeBennington CollegeLiterature
Allen, PaulConcordia UniversityTheological Studies
Allison, LeeEastern Kentucky UniversityManagement, Marketing & International Business
Al-Shawaf, LaithBilkent UniversityPsychology
Amaral, PedroCalifornia State University - FresnoPhilosophy
Anderson, DerekNorthern Michigan UniversityEducation
Angle, JustinUniversity of MontanaManagement and MarketingActivating stereotypes with brand imagery: The role of viewer political identity
Anomaly, JonathanDuke UniversityPolitical Science
Anthony, KellyUniversity of WaterlooPublic Health and Health Systems
Aquino, KarlUniversity of British ColumbiaMarketing and Behavioral ScienceWhat makes affirmative action-based hiring decisions seem (un)fair? A test of an ideological explanation for fairness judgments
What makes professors appear credible: The effect of demographic characteristics and ideological beliefs
Arcidiacono, PeterDuke UniversityEconomics
Argamon, ShlomoIllinois Institute of TechnologyComputer Science
Armour, KyleUniversity of WashingtonAtmospheric Sciences
Aronson, JoshuaNew York UniversityApplied Psychology
Arrunada, BenitoPompeu Fabra UniversityEconomics
Asher, LyellLewis & Clark CollegeEnglish• Low definition in higher education
Atkinson, QuentinUniversity of AucklandPsychology
Atlas, ScottStanford UniversityHoover InstitutionRestoring Quality Health Care: A Six Point Plan for Comprehensive Reform at Lower Cost
In Excellent Health: Setting the Record Straight on America’s Health Care
Austin, MichaelEastern Kentucky UniversityPhilosophy and Religion
Austin, PeterSt. Edwards UniversityUniversity Studies
Bacharach, VerneAppalachian State UniversityPsychologyRacial and gender science achievement gaps in secondary education
Direct and indirect effects of maternal intelligence, maternal age, income, and home environment on intelligence of preterm, low-birth-weight children
Bailey, DrewUniversity of California - IrvineEducation
Bailey, MichaelNorthwestern UniversityPsychologyThe man who would be queen: The science of gender-bending and transsexualism
What many transgender activists don't want you to know: and why you should know it anyway
Sexual orientation, controversy, and science
Baker, HunterUnion UniversityPolitical Science
Baldwin, JayAbraham Baldwin Agricultural CollegeCommunication; English
Bale, JeffreyMiddlebury Institute of International Studies at MontereyNonproliferation and Terrorism Studies
Bambauer, JaneUniversity of ArizonaLaw
Bankston, CarlTulane UniversitySociologySocial justice: Cultural origins of a perspective and a theory
Engineering the competition: Affirmative action as subsidized mobility
The civic education crusade: A heretic's analysis
Baranowski, MichaelNorthern Kentucky UniversityPolitical Science, Criminal Justice, and Organizational Leadership
Bare, WilliamRandolph CollegeChemistry
Barnes, CollinHillsdale CollegePsychologyA Conservative Response to the Problems in Social Psychology
Barr, JohnLone Star CollegeSocial Sciences and HumanitiesLoathing Lincoln: An American Tradition from the Civil War to the Present
Challenging Their Cozy Cosmos: Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, and the Lost Cause
Barth, HilaryWesleyan UniversityPsychology
Basile, AnthonyD'Youville CollegeBiology & Mathematics
Bates, TimUniversity of EdinburghPsychology
Bauerlein, MarkEmory UniversityEnglishLiberal Groupthink is Anti-Intellectual
Baumeister, RoyFlorida State UniversityPsychology
Beall, StephenMarquette UniversityForeign Languages & Literatures
Bell, MacalesterBryn Mawr CollegePhilosophy
Beneke, ChristopherBentley UniversityHistory
Ben-Gad, MichaelCity, University of LondonEconomics
Bengson, JesseSonoma State UniversityPsychology
Bennett, MichaelCurry CollegeBusiness Management
Benson, SeanUniversity of DubuqueEnglishHeterodox Shakespeare
"Like monsters of the deep": Transworld depravity and King Lear
Short shrift?: Religion and materialist criticism
Benveniste, LawrenceEmory UniversityFinance
Berente, NicholasUniversity of GeorgiaManagement Information Systems
Bergman, JayCentral Connecticut State UniversityHistoryLiberal colleges need a different kind of diversity
CCSU, other universities, should educate, not indoctrinate, students
Brandeis and double standards
Bergerud, EricLincoln UniversityGeneral Education
Bindewald, BenOklahoma State UniversityEducation
Bird, David W.St. Mary's College of CaliforniaWorld Languages and Cultures
Bittick, RobinSam Houston State UniversityPolitical Science
Blackwell, KatharineSalem CollegePsychology
Block, JamesUniversity of California - Santa BarbaraEducation
Bonevac, DanielUniversity of Texas - AustinPhilosophy• Leviathan U. in "The Imperiled Academy"
What Multiculturalism Should Not Be
Manifestations of Illiberalism in Philosophy
Boutwell, BrianSt. Louis UniversityCriminology and Criminal Justice
Bowles, SuzanneWilliam Paterson UniversityHistory
Boyer, PascalWashington University in St. LouisAnthropology
Bradley, StevenBaylor UniversityEntrepreneurshipInstitutions, economic freedom, and entrepreneurship: The contribution of management scholarship
The influence of tax and regulatory policies on entrepreneurs’ opportunity evaluation decisions
Bradshaw, DavidUniversity of KentuckyPhilosophy
Brahm, GabrielNorthern Michigan UniversityEnglishThe Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel
The end of identity liberalism at the MLA: Saying 'no' to discrimination on the basis of nationality
Shakespeare's fault or yours? Melzer's maxim: A guide to tentative omniscience for the congenitally hyperfallible
Breuning, LorettaCalifornia State University - East BayManagementWhy I’m a Registered “None”: My struggle to become a “No party preference”
Why I Question Academic Research on Happiness: And You Should Too
The Neurochemistry of Science Bias
Brewer, BrendonUniversity of AucklandStatisticsWhat experts do and don't know
Brint, StevenUniversity of California - RiversideSociologyMerit Square-Off: The Fight Over College Admissions
Guide for the perplexed: On Michael Burawoy’s “public sociology"
Professions and civic engagement: Trends in rhetoric and practice 1875-1995
Brown, RyanPardee RAND Graduate SchoolAnthropology
Bruening, MichaelMissouri S & THistory and Political ScienceA Reformation Source Book: Documents From an Age of Debate
Bryan, ScottQueensland University of TechnologyEarth Sciences
Brynjolfsson, ErikMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyManagerial EconomicsCould the Internet balkanize science?
Electronic communities: Global villages or cyberbalkanization?(best theme paper)
Communication networks and the rise of an information rlite: Do computers help the rich get richer?
Buchanan, BruceNew York UniversityBusiness and Society
Bulakowski, PaulUniversity of California - BerkeleyEducation
Bulbulia, JosephVictoria University of WellingtonReligious Studies
Burlingame, MichaelUniversity of Illinois - SpringfieldHistory
Burroughs, JamesUniversity of VirginiaCommerce
Burton, RodneyUniversity of Illinois - Champaign UrbanaAerospace Engineering
Bushman, BradThe Ohio State UniversityPsychology
Buss, DavidUniversity of Texas - AustinPsychology• Do ideologically driven scientific agendas impede the understanding and acceptance of evolutionary principles in social psychology? (To appear in: Political Bias in Social Psychology)
Bye, PatrikUniversity of NordlandEducation & Arts
Cadigan, RobertBoston UniversitySociology
Caldwell, BruceDuke UniversityEconomics
Callanan, GerardWest Chester UniversityManagement
Camosy, CharlesFordham UniversityTheologyPeter Singer and Christian Ethics: Beyond Polarization
Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation
Polarization in the US Catholic Church: Naming the Wounds, Beginning to Heal
Campbell, BradleyCalifornia State University - Los AngelesSociologyMicroaggression and Moral Cultures
Campus Culture Wars and the Sociology of Morality
Purity and Tolerance: The Contradictory Morality of College Campuses
Campbell, JamesSUNY - BuffaloPolitical SciencePolarized: Making Sense of a Divided America
Campbell, W. KeithUniversity of GeorgiaPsychology
Cantu, EdwardUniversity of Missouri - Kansas CityLaw
Carden, ArtSamford UniversityEconomics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis
Cardus, SalvadorUniversitat Autonoma de BarcelonaSociology
Cargill, KimaUniversity of WashingtonPsychology
Carmichael, LorneQueen's University at KingstonEconomicsMale-female imbalance in STEM comes down to economics
Casey, TerrenceRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyHumanities and Social SciencesAcademics need to understand the countries in which they live
Castelino, MarkRutgers University - NewarkFinance; Economics
Caswell, T. AndrewGannon UniversityPsychology
Cavenagh, ThomasNorth Central CollegeLeadership, Ethics, and Values
Cesario, JosephMichigan State UniversityPsychology
Chance, ZoeYale UniversityMarketing
Charbonneau, FrancoisUniversity of OttawaPolitical Studies
Cheit, RossBrown UniversityPolitical ScienceFree expression matters
Choi, Young BackSt. John's UniversityEconomics
Christakis, NicholasYale UniversitySociologyConnected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives.
Dynamic Social Networks Promote Cooperation in Experiments with Humans
Static Network Structure Can Stabilize Human Cooperation
Citrin, JackUniversity of California - BerkeleyPolitical ScienceAmerican Identity and the Politics of Multiculturalism
Clifton, AllanVassar CollegePsychology
Cloud, JaimeWestern Oregon UniversityPsychology
Cloud, MarkLock Haven UniversityPsychology
Coan, JamesUniversity of VirginiaPsychology
Cochran, JamesIowa State UniversityPhysics and Astronomy
Cohen, Andrew JasonGeorgia State UniversityPhilosophyToleration

Cohen, EliotJohn Hopkins UniversityInternational Studies; Strategic Studies
Coldwell, DouglasUniversity of LouisvilleRadiology
Collard, MarkSimon Fraser UniversityArchaeology
Collett, TeresaUniversity of St. ThomasLaw
Collins, SusanUniversity of Notre DamePolitical Science
Conklin, JamesConcordia UniversityApplied Human Sciences
Conlon, JosephOxford UniversityPhysicsWhy Viewpoint Diversity Also Matters in the Hard Sciences

Connolly, ShannonMissouri Southern State UniversityModern Languages
Cooper, EricIowa State UniversityPsychology
Cordes, SaraBoston CollegePsychology
Cosares, StevenLaguardia Community CollegeMathematics, Engineering and Computer Science
Cosmides, LedaUniversity of California - Santa BarbaraPsychologyEvolutionary psychology, moral heuristics, and the law
Formidability and the logic of human anger
Cost, FrankRochester Institute of TechnologyPhotographic Arts and Sciences
Coulson, MarkMiddlesex UniversityPsychology
Cunningham, WilliamUniversity of TorontoPsychology
Curry, JudithGeorgia Institute of TechnologyClimate ScienceScientists and motivated reasoning
We are all confident idiots
Cushman, ThomasWellesley CollegeSociologyThe Fate of Freedom of Expression in Liberal Democracies
Intellectuals and Resentment Toward Capitalism
Christopher Hitchens and His Critics: Terror, Iraq, and the Left
Dahlen, EricUniversity of Southern MississippiPsychology
Dalziel, JamesMorling CollegeEducationUniversities, Christian higher education and ideological diversity: Insights from moral foundations theory
Why conservatives and progressives think differently: Insights from moral psychology
Dark III, TaylorCalifornia State University - Los AngelesPolitical Science
Davies, LloydWestern Kentucky UniversityEnglish
Davies, PaulCollege of William and MaryPhilosophy
Davies, ScottUniversity of TorontoLeadership, Higher and Adult EducationDrifting apart? The institutional dynamics awaiting public sociology in Canada
Mistaken Identities: The Second Wave of Controversy over "Political Correctness
Leaps of faith: Shifting currents in critical sociology of education
Davis, EricRutgers University - New BrunswickPolitical Science"10 Conceptual Sins" in Analyzing Middle East Politics
Davis, JohnBaylor UniversityMathematics
Davis, ReedSeattle Pacific UniversityPolitical Science
Davis, ShawnPacific UniversityPsychology
De Block, AndreasUniversity of LeuvenPhilosophy
Del Giudice, MarcoUniversity of New MexicoPsychology
Demetriou, DanUniversity of Minnesota - MorrisPhilosophyThere's some fetish in your ethics: A limited defense of purity reasoning
Fighting together: Civil discourse and agonistic honor in Honor in the Modern World: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Our dignity-right to guns
Desrochers, PierreUniversity of TorontoGeography
De Young, RaymondUniversity of MichiganEnvironment and Sustainability
de Zamaroczy, NicholasJindal Global UniversityInternational Affairs
Diehl, ScottRutgers University of Medicine and DentistryOral Biology
Ditto, PeterUniversity of California - IrvinePsychology• Moral empathy gaps and the American culture war
Dnes, AntonyFlorida Southern UniversityBusiness & Free EnterpriseBehavior, human capital, and the formation of gangs
Dolan, FrederickUniversity of California - BerkeleyRhetoric
Domingos, PedroUniversity of WashingtonComputer Science & Engineering
Downs, DonaldUniversity of WisconsinPolitical ScienceThe Wisconsin fight for academic freedom
Academic freedom: What it is, what it isn’t, and how to tell the difference
Doyle, MayaQuinnipiac UniversitySocial Work
Dratz, EdwardMontana State UniversityChemistry
Drela, MarkMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics and Astronautics
Dunn, BrianUniversity of OklahomaManagement Information Systems
Dunn, JoshuaUniversity of Colorado at Colorado SpringsPolitical SciencePassing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University
Duntley, JoshuaStockton UniversityCriminal Justice
Dykman, CharleneUniversity of St. Thomas - HoustonManagement
Dyckman, ThomasCornell UniversityStatistics; Management
Dyer, JustinUniversity of MissouriPolitical Science
Eddy, TimothySalem State UniversityPsychology
Edman, LairdNorthwestern CollegePsychology
Elman, MiriamSyracuse UniversityPolitcal ScienceBDS, Free Speech, and Professional Integrity
The Pressure on American Academics to Conform to BDS
Combating Anti-Zionist Antisemitism
El-Rouayheb, KhaledHarvard UniversityNear Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Emery, MeaghanUniversity of VermontRomance Languages and Linguistics
Epure, MirceaUniversitat Pompeu FabraEconomics and Business
Erwig, MartinOregon State UniversityComputer Science
Exline, JulieCase Western UniversityPsychology
Fantie, BryanAmerican UniversityPsychology
Feit, NeilSUNY - FredoniaPhilosophy
Fels, TonyUniversity of San FranciscoHistory• Switching Sides: How a Generation of Historians Lost Sympathy for the Victims of the Salem Witch Hunt (forthcoming 2017)
Felson, RichardPennsylvania State UniversitySociology and CriminologyBlame analysis: Accounting for the behavior of protected groups
Academic apartheid: Segregation in the study of partner violenc
Is violence against women about women or about violence?
Ferall, ChristopherQueen's UniversityEconomics
Ferderer, PeteMacalester CollegeEconomics
Ferrier, WalterUniversity of KentuckyManagement
Fiamengo, JaniceUniversity of OttawaEnglish
Fiedler, BrianUniversity of OklahomaMeteorology
Fiorella, LoganUniversity of GeorgiaPsychology
Fish, JoelUniversity of Massachusetts - BostonMathematics
Fleischman, DianaUniversity of PortsmouthPsychology
Flier, JeffreyHarvard UniversityMedicine and NeurobiologyHealth care reform: A free market perspective
Flynn, JamesUniversity of OtagoPsychology; Political Science
Fontana, Josep M.Universitat Pompeu FabraTranslation and Language Sciences
Forcese, CraigUniversity of OttawaLaw
Ford, LauraUniversity of TulsaChemical EngineeringEffect of a majors-only section of a common course and a rabbit trail of other factors
Ford, PhilIndiana UniversityMusic
Forgas, JosephUniversity of New South WalesPsychology
Forman, StevenBaylor UniversityGeosciences
Fortner, RobertPalm Beach Atlantic UniversityCommunication
Frank, RobertCornell UniversityEconomics
Frazier, R. LeeFort Lewis CollegeExercise Science
Freese, JeremyStanford UniversitySociology
Frimer, JeremyUniversity of WinnipegPsychologyLiberals and conservatives rely on common moral foundations when making moral judgments about influential people
Political conservatives’ affinity for obedience to authority is loyal, not blind
Liberals condemn sacrilege too: The harmless desecration of Cerro Torre
Frolov, SergeSouthern Methodist UniversityReligious Studies
Fynbo, JohanUniversity of CopehagenNiels Bohr Institute
Gangestad, StevenUniversity of New MexicoPsychology
Ganz, ScottGeorgia Institute of TechnologyPublic Policy
Garip, FilizCornell UniversitySociology
Garofalo, DavidKennesaw State UniversityPhysics
Garrard, GraemeCardiff UniversityPolitics and International Relations
Garry, MaryanneUniversity of WaikatoPsychology
Garven, JamesBaylor UniversityFinance
Geher, GlennSUNY - New PaltzPsychologyEvolutionary psychology is not evil … and here’s why
Evolution is not relevant to sex differences in humans because I want it that way! Evidence for the politicization of human evolutionary psychology
Gendelman, MicheleLos Angeles City CollegeCinema and Film
George, RobertPrinceton UniversityPoliticsAcademic freedom and the liberal arts
Gerber, DavidSUNY - BuffaloHistoryAmerican Immigration: A Very Short Introduction
Gerson, LloydUniversity of TorontoPhilosophy
Giertz, J. FredUniversity of Illinois - Champaign UrbanaEconomics
Gilbert, DanielHarvard UniversityPsychology
Gilley, BrucePortland State UniversityPolitical ScienceChinua Achebe on the positive legacies of colonialism
Gladden, PaulMiddle Georgia State UniversityPsychology
Gohmann, StephanUniversity of LouisvilleEconomics
Goldstein, DaynaTexas A & M University - TexarkanaEnglish
Gomory, TomiFlorida State UniversitySocial Work
Gonzalez, OlympiaLoyola University - ChicagoModern Languages
Goodwin, JeanNorth Carolina State UniversityCommunication; Rhetoric• Walter Lippman, the indispensable opposition in Trained Capacities: John Dewey, Rhetoric, and Democratic Practice
Effective because ethical: Speech act theory as a framework for scientists' communication in Ethics and Practice in Science Communication (forthcoming)
Goodwin, MatthewUniversity of KentPolitics and International Relations
Gorman, Charles AllenEast Tennessee State UniversityManagement and Marketing
Grabowski, MarkAdelphi UniversityCommunicationClinton and Trump gives us little to celebrate this Free Speech Week
Trump win is a lesson for media and academia
• Applying Common Carriage to Network Neutrality in Regulating the Web: Network Neutrality and the Fate of the Open Internet
Granziano, WilliamPurdue UniversityPsychology
Green, TheodoreUniversity of WisconsinCivil and Environmental Engineering
Grewal, AndyUniversity of IowaLaw
Gring, MarkTexas Tech UniversityCommunication; Rhetoric
Grossman, PeterButler UniversityEconomics and Public Policy
Guaiana, GiuseppeWestern UniversityPsychiatry
Guelzo, AllenGettysburg CollegeHistory
Gustafson, AndrewCreighton UniversityMarketing and Management
Hackney, CharlesBriercrest College & SeminaryPsychology
Haidt, JonathanNew York UniversityBusiness and SocietyViewpoint diversity in the academy
Political diversity will improve social psychological science
True diversity requires generosity of spirit
Halberstadt, JaminUniversity of OtagoPsychology
Hall, ElizabethBiola UniveristyPsychology
Hallpike, ChristopherMcMaster UniversityAnthropology
Hamer, John FaithfulJohn Abbott CollegeHumanities, Philosophy, & Religion
Hames, RaymondUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnAnthropologyStatement on the Publication of Alice Dreger’s Investigation, Darkness’s Descent on the American Anthropological Association: A Cautionary Tale
Han, Lori CoxChapman UniversityPolitical Science
Hand, KeithUniversity of California - HastingsLaw
Hankins, JamesHarvard UniversityHistory
Hansen, SeanRochester Institute of TechnologyManagement Information Systems
Hardwick, DavidUniversity of British ColumbiaMedicine
Harper, CraigNottingham Trent UniversityPsychology
Harris, ChristineUniversity of California - San DiegoPsychology
Harris, RichardRutgers University - CamdenPolitical Science
Haynor, AnthonySeton Hall UniversitySociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
Heesacker, MartinUniversity of FloridaPsychologyBetter off than we know: Distorted perceptions of incomes and income inequality in America
Let a hundred flowers blossom: Say no to hegemonic professional psychology
Perceptions of U.S. social mobility are divided (and distorted) along ideological lines
Heffernan, RichardThe Open University; University of Notre Dame (visiting)Arts and Social Sciences
Heiden, BruceThe Ohio State UniversityClassicsThe ideology of political science
Heine, StephenUniversity of British ColumbiaPsychology
Helfman, TaraSyracuse UniversityLaw
Hendrickson, AnthonyCreighton UniversityBusiness
Henrich, JosephHarvard UniversityHuman Evolutionary Biology
Heriot, GailUniversity of San DiegoLaw
Hicks, StephenRockford UniversityPhilosophyExplaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault
Nietzsche and the Nazis
What Entrepreneurship Can Teach Us All About Life
Hickey, MatthewColorado State UniversityHealth and Exercise Science
Higgins, AndrewSUNY - New PaltzEnglish
Hill, R. KevinPortland State UniversityPhilosophyHow gun talk is misperceived
Hill, SarahTexas Christian UniversityPsychology
Hofmeyer, PhilipMorrisville State CollegeAgricultural Engineering
Hogin, LaurieUniversity of Illinois - Champaign UrbanaArt and Design
Holden, RobertOld Dominion UniversityHistory
Hollinger, RobertIowa State UniversityPhilosophy
Holt, AndrewFlorida State College at JacksonvilleSocial and Behavioral Sciences
Homan, KristinGrove City CollegePsychology
Hooper, AmyGettysburg CollegeManagement
Horning, MichaelVirginia TechCommunicationResponding to Charlie Hebdo: Exploring political cartoonists’ reactions and ethics positions following the attacks
Howell, JordanRowan UniversityGeography, Planning, & Sustainability
Hughes, CharlesChapman UniversityPhilosophy & Religion
Hulett, LouisaKnox CollegePolitcal ScienceExploring spiritual engagement at secular Knox College
• Political participation and voting behavior vis-à-vis religion in Religion and Politics in America: Encyclopedia of Church & State in American Life
Being religious at Knox: Attitudes toward religion & conservative values at Knox College
Hummel, Jeffrey RogersSan Jose State UniversityEconomics
Huntington, MarkUniversity of South DakotaFamily Medicine
Hurlbert, StuartSan Diego State UniversityBiologyFrontiers, Immigration, and Political Censorship
American Association for the Advancement of Silence (On National Population Policies) Muffles 'Obnoxious' Canadians Too
A Symposium and a Lake in Multiple Contexts: A Prefatory Essay on Salton Sea Science and Politics
Hurley, DavidTexas A & MSociology and Criminal Justice
Imber, JonathanWellesley CollegeSociology
Inbar, YoelUniversity of TorontoPsychologyIncreasing ideological tolerance in social psychology
Political diversity in social and personality psychology
Ingram, RobertOhio UniversityHistory
Isham, JonathanMiddlebury CollegeEconomics
Jacka, SaulUniversity of WarwickStatistics
Jackall, RobertWilliams CollegeAnthropology & SociologyMoral Mazes: The World of Corporate Managers
What kind of order?
Jeffrey, JoeNorthern Illinois UniversityComputer Science
Jenkins, KevinMercer UniversityEducational Leadership
Jockers, MatthewUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnEnglish
Johnson, Joesph E.University of North Carolina - GreensboroBusiness Administration
Johnson, MarcusAbraham Baldwin Agricultural CollegeEducation
Johnston, AndrewUniversity of California - MercedEconomics
Jones, BenjaminDakota State UniversityHistory
Jones, DougUniversity of UtahAnthropology
Jones, GarettGeorge Mason UniversityEconomics
Jones, JasonHarvard UniversityPsychiatry
Jones, JonathanOxford UniversityPhysicsConspiracist ideation as a predictor of climate-science rejection: An alternative analysis
Jong, JonathanCoventry UniversityPsychology
Jordan, KerryUtah State UniversityPsychology
Juluri, VamseeUniversity of San FranciscoMedia StudiesHinduism and its Culture Wars
The Propaganda War Against Hindus in Academia: A Response to Inside Higher Education
Jussim, LeeRutgers University - New BrunswickPsychologyLiberal privilege in academic psychology and the social sciences.
Social perception and social reality: Why accuracy dominates bias and self-fulfilling prophecy. New York: Oxford University Press.
Political diversity will improve socialpsychological science (with commentaries)
Kaiser, DonnMissouri State UniversityPsychology
Kambhampati, PatMcGill UniversityChemistry
Kammeyer-Mueller, JohnUniversity of MinnesotaManagement
Kapitula, ToddCalvin CollegeMathematics and Statistics
Kashdan, ToddGeorge Mason UniversityPsychology
Katz, JackUniversity of California - Los AngelesSociologyBeyond Academic Freedom
Kaufman, MarkWashburn UniversitySocial Work
Kaufmann, EricBirkbeck CollegePoliticsLiberal ethnicity: Beyond liberal nationalism and minority rights
The rise and fall of Anglo-America
• Whiteshift: the majority response to ethnic transformation in the West (forthcoming)
Keegan, BrianUniversity of Colorado - BoulderInformation Science
Kelly-Woessner, AprilElizabethtown CollegePolitical Science• The New Left and Political Intolerance in "The End of the Experiment"
Kennelly, BrianCalifornia Polytechnic State UniversityModern Languages and Literatures
King, GaryHarvard UniversityPolitical Science
King, RobertUniversity College CorkPsychologyWithout honor: Why banning Uthman Badar was wrong
Alice in blunder land
Klehr, HarveyEmory UniversityPolitical ScienceEmory's administration panders to the forces if illiberalism
Klein, DanGeorge Mason UniversityEconomicsProfessors and their politics: The policy views of social scientists
Groupthink in Academia: Majoritarian Departmental Politics and the Professional Pyramid
The Ph.D. circle in academic economics
Klein, DougUnion CollegeEconomics
Klein, PeterBaylor UniversityEntrepreneurshipWhy intellectuals still support socialism
Culture, entrepreneurship, and innovation: French edition
Critical agrifood scholarship
Kleinerman, BenjaminMichigan State UniversityPolitical ScienceHobbes, Locke, RFRAs, and Wedding Photographers
Klim, GeraldUniversirty of KentuckyPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Klinger, DavidUniversity of Missouri - St. LouisCriminology and Criminal Justice
Kluver, RandyTexas A & MCommunication
Knorpp, WilliamJames Madison UniversityPhilosophy
Kohn, MeirDartmouth CollegeEconomics
Kolasinski, AdamTexas A & MFinance
Koons, RobertUniversity of Texas - AustinPhilosophyPartisan Logic: An Analysis of the Content of American Philosophy Texts
The War of the Three Humanisms: Irving Babbitt and the Revival of Classical Learning
Koritzky, GillyArgosy UniversityPsychology
Kosits, RussellRedeemer University CollegePsychologyThe Hidden Worldviews of Psychology's Theory, Research, and Practice
Kotkin, StephenPrinceton UniversityPublic and International Affairs
Kressel, NeilWilliam Paterson UniversityPsychology“The Sons of Pigs and Apes”: Muslim Antisemitism and the Conspiracy of Silence
The great failure of the anti-racist intellectual community: downplaying contemporary antisemitism
Trends in the psychological study of contemporary antisemitism: conceptual issues and empirical evidence
Kuhle, BarryUniversity of ScrantonPsychology
Kuhn, DeannaColumbia UniversityPsychology & Education
Kupfer, CharlesPennsylvania State University - HarrisburgHistoryAmerican studies: A sad tale of academic decline
Public heritage as program strength
Lahti, DavidQueens College - City University of New YorkBiology
Lamb, RamdasUniversity of HawaiiReligion
Larson, CraigVirginia Commonwealth UniversityMathematics and Applied Mathematics
Lawler, PeterBerry CollegePolitical ScienceAmerican Heresies and Higher Education
Truly Higher Education
Lawless, WilliamPaine CollegeMathematics; PsychologyThe entangled nature of interdependence. Bistability, irreproducibility and uncertainty
Learmonth, AmyWilliam Paterson UniversityPsychology
LeBar, MarkFlorida State UniversityPhilosophy
Legare, CristineUniversity of Texas - AustinPsychology
LeGrand, RobAngelo State UniversityComputer Science
Lehman, DarrinUniversity of British ColumbiaPsychology
Lehner, AlbertUniversity of FukuiGlobal and Community Studies
Leiser, DavidBen-Gurion University of the NegevPsychologyDiffering conceptions of the causes of the economic crisis: Effects of culture, economic training, and personal impact
Levenson, JonHarvard UniversityDivinity• Theological liberalism aborting itself in The Politics of Prayer: Feminist Language and the Worship of God
Levin, DanielMinnesota State University - MankatoAccounting & Business LawPromises of confidentiality to news sources after Cohen v. Cowles Media Company: A survey of newspaper editors
Undercover reporters, tort law, and the first amendment: Food Lion v. ABC and the future of surreptitious newsgathering
Lewis, DavidMurdoch UniversityPsychology
Lewis, MichaelWilliams CollegeArt
Lieberman, MatthewUniversity of California - Los AngelesPsychology
Lillard, AngelineUniversity of VirginiaPsychology
Lilienfeld, ScottEmory UniversityPsychologyCan psychology become a science?
Lack of political diversity and the framing of findings in personality and clinical psychology
Giving debiasing away: Can psychological research on correcting cognitive errors promote human welfare?
Lilla, MarkColumbia UniversityHistoryTaking the Right Seriously
Lipschultz, Jeremy HarrisUniversity of Nebraska - OmahaCoomunicationFree Expression in the Age of the Internet
Social Media Communication: Concepts, Practices, Data, Law and Ethics
Lipson, CharlesUniversity of ChicagoPolitical Science
Livingston, KenVassar CollegePsychology
London, WilliamCalifornia State University - Los AngelesPublic Health
Loury, GlennBrown UniversityEconomicsInterview with John McWhorter (video)
Short Essays on Affirmative Action and Other Race-Related Topics
Love, BettyUniversity of Nebraska - OmahaMathematics
Lowenstein, MarcCalifornia Institute of the ArtsMusic
Lukaszewski, AaronCalifornia State University - FullertonPsychology
Luther, KurtVirginia TechComputer Science
Lynn, MichaelCornell UniversityHotel Administration
Lyons, ScottUniversity of MichiganEnglish
MacCoun, RobertStanford UniversityLaw; PsychologyBiases in the interpretation and use of research results
Citizens’ perceptions of ideological bias in research on public policy controversies
The epistemic contract: Fostering appropriate public trust in experts
Machluf, KarinPennsylvania State University - Worthington ScrantonPsychology
Mack, KeenanIllinois CollegeBiology
MacKenzie, DonUniversity of WashingtonCivil and Environmental Engineering
Mackiewicz, JoIowa State UniversityEnglish
MacMullan, TerranceEastern Washington UniversityPhilosophy• Jon Stewart: The new and improved public intellectual in The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy: More Moments of Zen, More Indecision Theory
Malatesta, PaulUniversity of Washington Finance
Malkan, MatthewUniversity of California - Los AngelesPhysics & Astronomy
Mandel, NaomiArizona State UniversityMarketing
Manning, JasonWest Virginia UniversitySociologyMicroaggression and moral culture
Campus culture wars and the sociology of morality
Manson, JosephUniversity of California - Los AngelesAnthropology
Maple, Terry L.Georgia TechPsychologyForging a new, bipartisan environmental movement
• Decisive effective incentives are prescriptions for breakthroughs on climate change (in The New Republic, February 2008)
Maratos-Flier, EleftheriaHarvard UniversityMedicineHealthcare reform: A free market perspective
Marcy, RichardUniversity of VictoriaPsychology; Public and Non-Profit Leadership & Management
Markson, LoriWashington University in St. LouisPsychology
Martin, ChrisEmory UniversitySociologyHow ideology has hindered sociological insight
Martin, RobertTexas Women's UniversityLibrary & Information Studies
Mashek, DebraHarvey Mudd CollegeSocial Psychology
Masters, WilliamTufts UniversityEconomicsToward an ethical economics of food policy
Keeping eggs affordable: The case against Massachusetts ballot question 3
Mather, RobertUniversity of Central OklahomaPsychologyThe ideology of social psychology: A rare conservative social psychologist
Embracing the Right: American Conservatism can save social psychology from irrelevance
Building a politically tolerant social psychological science: Critical thinking, bias correction, and American Conservatism
Matheson, CraigFlinders UniversityPolitics and Public Policy
Matthews, PaulUniversity of NottinghamMathematicsWhy are some people skeptical about climate change? Some insights from blog comments
Mayhall, MargueriteKean UniversityFine Arts
McAleer, SeanUniversity of Wisconsin - Eau ClairePhilosophy and Religious Studies
McCallum, WilliamUniversity of ArizonaMathematics
McCrea, RonanUniversity College LondonLaw
McGinnis, JohnNorthwestern UniversityLawThe patterns and implications of political contributions by law school faculty
Political diversity at universities could help temper polarization

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Sex differences: Proof of sexism or a sign of social health?
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The Roots of Campus Leftism
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Academe’s persuasion paradox
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What color is the dress
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Foreword to Political Correctness and Higher Education
On affirmative action for conservative professors
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The Campus Left Discovers Free Speech
Radicalism's yield: Politics and the illiberal academy (in press)
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New USD Ethics, Economics Center to Inspire Debate, Discovery
USD Questions Morality of Immigration Policies