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Reclaiming Higher Ed 4
September 13, 2022+Team HxA
+Campus Climate+Campus Policy+Academic Careers

Major New Resource for Countering Illiberalism on Campus: Reclaiming the Culture of Higher Education, A Best Practices Guide

With the fall semester upon us, I imagine many are bracing for another semester of campus protest, cancelation, and overly cautious self-censorship. The pressures to keep one’s head down and conform continue to chill conversation, teaching, and inquiry on campus. 

Heterodox Academy wants to help, in a big way. 

Just in time for the 2022-2023 academic year, we’re pleased to release our newest resource: “Reclaiming the Culture of Higher Education," a best practices guide for higher education faculty, administrators, and staff.

The guide features dozens of practical recommendations and examples for improving inquiry, discussion, and ideological diversity from the classroom to the presidential suite and everywhere in between.

We’ve spent the last two years gathering recommendations from a range of seasoned professionals across institutions and roles, from university presidents and student governments to instructors and advisors, scholars and directors, admissions staff and human resources professionals. 

Whether you are engaged in policy and mission, research, event coordination, teaching, or more, this guide can provide tangible strategies for combatting illiberal forces where you work.  

Alongside dozens of recommendations, the guide also includes additional tools for combatting cancel culture and a bibliography packed with insights and research on open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. 

This version of the Guide is a working draft — an initial collection of ideas culled from experts in the field intended to start a conversation. We look forward to gathering your feedback in the coming months so that it can robustly reflect the work you’re doing and help you in the ways you need most. 

Higher education should brim with inquiry, curiosity, and tenacious questions. We want to reclaim that culture. Join us in doing so. 


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