Heterodox Academy (HxA) is an NYC-based non-partisan, non-profit collaborative of 5,000+ educators, administrators, staff, and students committed to enhancing the quality and impact of research — and improving education — by promoting open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning.

Join us to create a world where diverse people with diverse perspectives engage one another with intellectual humility and curiosity. Heterodox Academy is on a mission to center open inquiry as a cornerstone of higher education. Our vibrant team is committed to viewpoint diversity and constructive engagement across lines of difference, creating a workplace full of collaboration, open debate, and change-making.  We are eager to welcome positive colleagues who will contribute their talents and energy to our critical mission. We welcome you to apply for the open positions below.

Open Positions:

Project Manager

The Project Manager position at Heterodox Academy, a non-profit organization, is a detail-oriented, timeline-driven person that manages multiple grant-funded research projects, and manages HxA’s internal metrics and impact measures. The individual must be a driven organizer, with the ability to motivate and encourage team members to perform high-quality work to deadline. The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating timelines, preparing grant reports, and advancing deliverables. The Project Manager works closely with others on the HxA Team to fulfill the promise and potential of our largest grant, and to ensure our organization can holistically measure and demonstrate the impact of our work.

The full position description can be found here. Heterodox Academy is working with Your Other Half Solutions for this hire. Please click here to apply.

Director of Programs

Heterodox Academy (HxA) is seeking an innovative and forward-thinking individual to step into the newly created role of Director of Programs, and expand the organization’s programmatic offerings. This position oversees the development, delivery, evaluation, and ultimately the success of HxA’s programs (both virtual and in-person once it is safe to do so) for our members, affiliates, and public audiences. The Director of Programs will act as an external face for HxA by hosting events, writing and speaking in external media outlets, and must successfully represent HxA to a wide variety of stakeholder audiences. The Director of Programs should have a strong understanding of how social and political contexts can shape and frame higher education.

The full position description can be found here. Heterodox Academy is working with Hub Recruiting for this hire. To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter detailing your experience developing and implementing programmatic offerings, resume, and evidence of program development to Pierre Bendsen (pbendsen@incxo.com) with the subject line “Heterodox Academy – Director of Programs.”

For general job inquiries, feel free to contact us at jobs@heterodoxacademy.org.