Heterodox Academy (HxA) is an NYC-based non-partisan, non-profit collaborative of 4,400+ educators, administrators, staff, and students committed to enhancing the quality and impact of research — and improving education — by promoting open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning.

Join us to create a world where diverse people with diverse perspectives engage one another with intellectual humility and curiosity. Heterodox Academy is on a mission to center open inquiry as a cornerstone of higher education. Our vibrant team is committed to viewpoint diversity and constructive engagement across lines of difference, creating a workplace full of collaboration, open debate, and change-making.  We are eager to welcome positive colleagues who will contribute their talents and energy to our critical mission. We welcome you to apply for the open positions below.

Open Positions:


Heterodox Academy’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce an executive leadership search for the inaugural President of Heterodox Academy. This new externally-facing position will bring strategic and intellectual breadth and depth to the organization’s mission, enabling HxA to unleash the full power of the organization’s mission.

The President of Heterodox Academy has a unique opportunity and platform from which to support the fundamental values of the academy — truth seeking and open inquiry. This leader is responsible for stewarding HxA’s vision, value proposition, brand, strategy, and business model, ultimately transitioning the organization beyond its start-up phase into its next chapter of organizational maturity.

HxA’s President will be responsible for amplifying HxA’s voice in the public discourse around diverse viewpoints and open inquiry, and serve as a leader in the movement that protects the core academic value of truth seeking.

HxA has engaged the services of SpencerStuart, a global leadership advisory firm, to run this executive search. The full position description appears here. To recommend a candidate, apply for the position, or to learn more, please contact us at HxAPres@spencerstuart.com

Communications Coordinator

Heterodox Academy seeks a detail-oriented, adaptable communications specialist to support and coordinate HxA communications. This includes coordinating website content, email marketing, social media, the HxA blog, as well as the tracking of communications-related metrics to ensure the organization is reaching a varied audience. This position is an active part of the communications team, often needing to liaise internal requests such as event publicity, as well as external requests such as press inquiries and content suggestions from members.  Please follow the link above to view the complete job description and application instructions.

For general job inquiries, feel free to contact us at jobs@heterodoxacademy.org.