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Heterodox Academy


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Heterodox Academy facilitates various online and in-person communities. We help connect members and other supporters who advocate for our principles of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement and put them into action, and work together to advance our goals within their discipline, region, campus, or academic area.

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HxCommunities are communities of educators, staff, administrators, and students interested in advancing our core principles within their shared academic setting. Each community has access to a private discussion forum within the HxA Portal — our exclusive online communication platform for members and communities — and is led by member moderators who coordinate events and activities.

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Campus Community Network

We empower and support HxA members in cultivating a community of colleagues and students on their campus who want to promote our core principles of viewpoint diversity, open inquiry, and constructive disagreement. These campus groups support each other’s daily work, showcase and model HxA values, host campus events, and work together to improve institutional policies, practices, and culture.

The Center for Academic Pluralism
The Center for Academic Pluralism

Located in New York City, The Center for Academic Pluralism was founded to produce and disseminate scholarship to improve the culture of discourse within higher education, and advance HxA’s mission. Research fellows working at The Center undertake advanced, interdisciplinary research at the intersection of intellectual pluralism and their fields of expertise.

Engagment with people who are broadly diverse, in terms of experienceing and ideas, is essential for promoting understanding in both senses of that word: knowledge and empathy.

Nadine StrossenJohn Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law, EmeritaNew York School of Law
Nadine Strossen

After 30 years of teaching at five universities in three countries, I am increasingly concerned at the lack of support for any opinions outside the accepted narrative.

Dwight LemkeAdjunct LecturerJames Cook University
Dwight Lemke
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Join our community of faculty, staff, and students in our efforts to improve the quality of research and education in universities through viewpoint diversity, open inquiry, and constructive disagreement.

Complimentary membership includes access to the new HxA Portal — a private online forum for HxA members and HxCommunities — invitations to members-only events, funding opportunities, professional development opportunities, members-only discounts to HxA Summits, and more.

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