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Leveraging Student Orientation Programs to Promote Open Inquiry and Viewpoint Diversity

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August 16, 2023Don't miss our exciting panel discussion. Register Today!

Event Date: Wednesday, August 16, 4pm ET

University orientation programs are foundational to the new student experience on campus. These programs cover helpful logistics of campus life and operations and, importantly, they also set the stage for the student experience, intellectual values, and social life. But how should orientation programs be structured to ensure that HxA values of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement are instilled at the outset.
During this discussion, our panel of experts discussed a variety of topics, including:

  • The roles of academic affairs vs student affairs in crafting orientation programs.
  • How to get faculty members involved in student orientation programs to instill HxA values.
  • What legally needs to be covered vs. what do programs cover out of choice.
  • Examples of excellent programs for promoting viewpoint diversity and open inquiry values.
  • and more.


Unnamed 2

Adam Davis

Director, Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement at Denison University & John L. and Christine Warner Family Endowed Professor of History
Unnamed 3

Joseph Guarneri

Associate Director of Strategic Enrollment Management, Sacred Heart University
Martha Mc Caughey 039 1x1

Martha McCaughey

Director of Campus Engagement, Heterodox Academy
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