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[Symposium] Intellectual Virtues and the Contemporary Information Landscape with Jason Baehr, PhD

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October 5, 2023

October 5 | 4 p.m. ET

Dr. Jason Baehr, Professor of Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University and author of The inquiring mind : on intellectual virtues and virtue epistemology (2011, Oxford) and Deep in thought : A practical guide to teaching for intellectual virtues (2021, Harvard), will speak on 1) contemporary challenges to negotiating the information landscape responsibly and reliably, 2) some common but problematic reactions to these challenges (e.g. withdrawal/skepticism or tribalism/dogmatism), and (3) intellectual virtues as a way of conceptualizing a “regulative ideal” that can help us integrate various competing but important epistemic values as we engage the information landscape. Following Dr. Baehr's keynote, participants will be invited to engage in small group discussion and Q&A.

Register here or contact Sarah Hartman-Caverly with any inquiries.

Open to all HxA members and the public.

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