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Heterodox Academy

The Dialogic Classroom Virtual Workshop

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June 10, 2021

Thursday, June 10 (9am–4pm ET) and Friday, June 11 (9am–4pm ET)

This two-day workshop, led by Essential Partners, was designed especially for higher education instructors. It drew on Essential Partners' Dialogic Classroom framework to provide tools and techniques to improve the quality of class discussions, foster curiosity as the driver of learning, help students feel more connected to the school community, and create a more cohesive class environment, all while improving academic performance.

Whether in the arts and humanities or STEM fields, this workshop has empowered hundreds of educators to lead more open, productive discussions about difficult or divisive issues. The benefits of the Dialogic Classroom approach have been broad and deep. Research has found measurable outcomes, including:

  • Better retention of the course content
  • More consistent, constructive class participation
  • Greater social and emotional competency
  • The ability to hold conversations across differences
  • A stronger sense of community belonging
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