The university is a sacred space for unbridled curiosity to roam; a space where we can test novel ideas and engage in thoughtful dialogue across lines of difference — all in the pursuit of expanding knowledge and discovering truth. Often, however, internal and external coercive forces—legislative pressures, online mobs, pedagogical bias, conflicting institutional incentives, self-censorship etc. — can constrain the pursuit of knowledge. 

This resource guide explores the nature of these barriers and solutions to overcome them. We hope these materials help you engage with this important topic and encourage you to share them with colleagues. 

HxA Top Picks:

Blog: Seizing the Means of Knowledge Production, by Musa al-Gharbi
Event: Saving Knowledge, with Jonathan Haidt and Jonathan Rauch
Podcast: Mill Still Matters Today: Free Speech in the 21st Century, with Zach Rausch and Richard Reeves


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