My guest today is Heather Heying. She and her husband Bret Weinstein formerly taught biology at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. After some highly publicized protests in the middle of 2017, both Heather and Bret left the college. Heather now describes herself as a professor in exile. You can find out more about her at

Key Themes

0:00 The uniqueness of Evergreen State
5:42 Activities since leaving Evergreen
10:10 Economic privilege in academia
15:00 Safe space, identity politics, etc.
20:10 Why Evergreen needs a better president

Selected Quote

The vast majority of schools out there are proclaiming to their potential students and current students, their current faculty and staff, and future faculty and staff, “We are about social justice.” And that comes at a high, high cost. And I know anecdotally (and I also know non-anecdotally) that students are turning away. At Evergreen many students effectively looked at that and said, “Not for me. That doesn’t sound like an education to me.”


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