Show Notes

Jessica Good is a social psychologist at Davidson College. She received her PhD in social psychology from Rutgers University and has taught at Davidson since 2011. Her research focuses on stereotyping and discrimination. I invited her to the show to talk about her new paper on multiculturalism, a contentious topic in the political world and academia. Her new paper is called Valuing Differences and Reinforcing Them: Multiculturalism Increases Race Essentialism. Her coauthors on this paper are Leigh Wilton, who’s the first author, and Evan Apfelbaum. The paper itself is not in the public domain but here’s an article in Pacific Standard that summarizes the paper.

What is multiculturalism? [0:00]
Challenges of implementing polyculturalism [08:15]
Belonging in science and math courses [12:34]
What do people want to get out of confrontations? [14:45]
Power differentials and confrontations [18:26]
Avoiding the words “sexist” and “racist”  [19:57]

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