Show Notes

In today’s episode, Chris talks to Julie Wronski, professor of political science at the University of Mississippi. In a new paper, she and her coauthors show a difference between the average authoritarianism of Bernie Sanders voters and Hillary Clinton voters. Most of us know how to identify authoritarian leaders, but in today’s interview Julie explains how to define authoritarianism among voters, and why her findings matter to people outside political science.


0:00 Intro
3:05 Why do people associate authoritarianism with conservatives?
6:00 Why is authoritarianism dividing parties now?
13:00 Bob Altemeyer’s method of measuring authoritarianism
17:10 The right-wing measure vs. child-rearing measure of authoritarianism
25:18 Why is this relevant to other academics?


Wronski, Julie et al. (2018). “A Tale of Two Democrats: How Authoritarianism Divides the Democratic Party.”  Journal of Politics 80(4): 1384- 1388.


Altemeyer, Enemies of Freedom

Stenner, The Authoritarian Dynamic

Heatherington & Weiler, Authoritarianism and Polarization in American Politics;

Heatherington & Weiler, Prius or Pickup: How the Answers to Four Simple Questions Explain America’s Great Divide


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