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September 20, 2021+Team HxA
+Campus Climate

Congratulations to the first recipients of HxA’s Flexible Funding Opportunity grants

At HxA, we are incredibly proud of our 5,300+ members who are exploring, sharing, and advocating for HxA’s core values on campuses around the country and the world. In HxA President John Tomasi’s words, “We look to our members to be the primary agents of change and we are always searching out new ways to support and empower those members.”

That’s why we launched the HxCommunities Flexible Funding Opportunity (FFO) this past January: to support the important work HxA members are doing to advance constructive disagreement, viewpoint diversity, and open inquiry in education. This ongoing grant offering, the first ever from HxA, is open to HxA members and affiliates who participate in the HxCommunities program, and supports a wide variety of initiatives.

So far, we have awarded over $228,000 in grant funding. Our first round of recipients represent a variety of disciplines and institutions, and each is an example of how our members are championing HxA values in their communities. Read about the first round of recipients below. If their projects spark your imagination, consider applying for your own FFO grant


“Campus Expression in New Zealand” Project Leads: HxNew Zealand Community Participants 

The first Flexible Funding Grant was awarded to a group of members in the HxNew Zealand community. The recipients are using the funds to administer the Campus Expression Survey to students at the five largest universities in New Zealand. This project aims to explore the extent to which New Zealand university students perceive their educational institutions as embracing heterodox values that welcome respectful disagreement and viewpoint diversity.

La Rose

“Growing Diversity of Thought in K-12 Education: Current Challenges and the Path Ahead”

Christina LaRose, Researcher at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign | HxK-12 Education Community

HxA Member and HxK-12 Education Community member Christina LaRose received grant funds to organize a virtual conference, which aimed to empower stakeholders in education to advocate for, and incorporate, diverse perspectives and critical thinking in the classroom. More than 150 educators and administrators attended. Watch session recordings on the conference website.


“The Views of Scientists, Engineers, and Professional School Faculty about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies”

Steven Brint, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, University of California, Riverside | HxSociology Community

Professor Brint, an HxA Member, and participant of the HxSociology Community, is using a Flexible Funding Opportunity grant to research the views of STEM scholars on the implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. Building on a study by Komi T. German exploring views on these policies from arts and humanities scholars and social scientists at the University of California, Brint’s study will expand the sample to investigate the views of natural scientists, medical scientists, and engineers at the same campus. A presentation and panel discussion will take place next spring when the study is complete.


“Diversity Without Division Awareness Campaign”

Irshad Manji, Founder, Moral Courage ED | HxK-12 Education Community

Through an HxA Flexible Funding Opportunity grant, Moral Courage ED, the nonprofit that empowers students to hear, not fear, different perspectives, is offering 2,000 K-12 school leaders a copy of Don’t Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars. Written by Moral Courage ED founder Irshad Manji, this book has inspired the online course that educators across America are taking. Request your copy.

The HxCommunities Flexible Funding Opportunity was made possible through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The opinions expressed by funded programs, projects, or events are those of the individual Grantees, organizers, speakers, presenters, and attendees of such events/activities and do not necessarily reflect the views of Heterodox Academy and/or the John Templeton Foundation.

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