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Campus Expression Survey

Are students afraid to share their ideas openly at your school? How can you know?


Everyone wants an open learning environment where all members of the academic community can ask questions and express their ideas. But, increasingly since 2014, we hear reports that students and professors are “walking on eggshells,” censoring what they say to avoid social consequences. Is this happening in your classroom, or at your university or high school? If so, then it is vital to know: which students are reticent to engage which topics and why? Are students primarily afraid of the professors, or of other students? Is it happening in all departments, or in only a few?

Heterodox Academy has designed a tool to provide good data on these questions. Our Campus Expression Survey (CES) is easy to administer, and it will give you a diagnosis, an X-ray, of what’s happening in your school, classroom, or campus. Others are welcome to deploy the CES within their local context; please feel free to modify the CES to suit your purposes.

Our most recent report, for the Fall 2019 administration is available HERE. Fall 2019 supplemental documents are available below:

Want to administer the CES on your campus? Access our Administration Manual HERE

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