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Our Campus Expression Survey collects data from 1,500+ full-time university students each year to deepen our understanding of the current state of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement in the classroom.

Data consistently show that students and professors censor their viewpoints in the classroom and across campus. This self-censorship deprives others and themselves of the opportunity to learn from counterarguments and constructive disagreement, and stifles learning. HxA created the Campus Expression Survey (CES) to measure the extent to which students feel reluctant to discuss various topics on their campuses, and what variables are associated with reluctance. The CES also examines year-to-year changes.

Since 2019, Heterodox Academy has administered the CES annually and released a report of our findings. The report provides insight on questions like:

  • Who is more reluctant to express their opinions?

  • Which topics are students reluctant to discuss?

  • What consequences do students fear if they speak their opinions and from whom do they fear these consequences (fellow students or professors)

2022 Campus Expression Survey
2022 Campus Expression Survey

Examine the benchmark data that charts trends and progress on campus expression from the student perspective. The results are one indicator whether our core principles are being valued in classrooms and on campuses across the United States.

Past Reports
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