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September 10, 2015+Jonathan Haidt

Welcome to Heterodox Academy

Welcome to our site. We are professors who want to improve our academic disciplines. Many of us have written about a particular problem: the loss or lack of “viewpoint diversity.” It’s what happens when the great majority of people in a field think the same way on important issues that are not really settled matters of fact. We don’t want viewpoint diversity on whether the Earth is round versus flat. But do we want everyone to share the same presuppositions when it comes to the study of race, class, gender, inequality, evolution, or history? Can research that emerges from an ideologically uniform and orthodox academy be as good, useful, and reliable as research that emerges from a more heterodox academy?

Science is among humankind’s most successful institutions not because scientists are so rational and open minded but because scholarly institutions work to counteract the errors and flaws of what are, after all, normal cognitively challenged human beings. We academics are generally biased toward confirming our own theories and validating our favored beliefs. But as long as we can all count on the peer review process and a vigorous post-publication peer debate process, we can rest assured that most obvious errors and biases will get called out. Researchers who have different values, political identities, and intellectual presuppositions and who disagree with published findings will run other studies, obtain opposing results, and the field will gradually sort out the truth.

Unless there is nobody out there who thinks differently. Or unless the few such people shrink from speaking up because they expect anger in response, even ostracism. That is what sometimes happens when orthodox beliefs and “sacred” values are challenged.

At Heterodox Academy, some of our contributors have documented the near absence of political diversity in many fields, and some have demonstrated the damaging effects that this homogeneity has on scholarship in those fields. We have come together to pool resources, analyze current trends in the academy, discuss possible solutions, and advocate for policies and systemic changes that will increase viewpoint diversity in the academy and therefore improve the quality of work that the academy makes available to the public, and to policymakers. Our goal is not to include every possible viewpoint. Our goal is attain enough diversity — and enough room for diverse viewpoints to be aired without fear of consequences — that orthodoxies get disrupted and the normal processes of debate and disconfirmation can work their magic.

So please, browse our site. Learn more about the problem, and, whatever your politics or viewpoints, become part of the solution. (For starters, you can sign up for our weekly email update, in the upper right corner of our home page. And if you are a professor, please consider joining us.)


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