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When should university leaders "weigh in" on controversy? A principled approach.

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HxA’s mission, principles, and work, including the work of our members, cut across a myriad of issues central to higher education today.

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Open InquiryOpen inquiry — the ability to ask questions, share ideas, and challenge popular views and assumptions — is essential to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It is one of our core values.
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Viewpoint DiversityTeaching and scholarship are better when we don’t all think the same, which is why viewpoint diversity is one of HxA’s core values.
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Constructive DisagreementDisagreement can lead to deeper learning and better research — or to narrowed thinking, polarization, and intimidation. Constructive disagreement, from the classroom to the quad to the faculty lounge, is a core value at HxA.
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Institutional NeutralityWhen universities opine on the controversies of the day, they undermine healthy academic debate before it begins. Principled neutrality offers a better way.
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Campus PolicyInstitutional policies can promote, or undermine, a healthy intellectual culture of a college or university. HxA explores how priorities, policies, and budgets translate into broad or narrow exchanges of ideas.
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Campus ClimateIn too many college and university campuses, the academic and social climate discourages heterodox views and questions.
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Public PolicyLaws and government policies are deeply intertwined with higher education institutions, shaping their practices, incentives, economics, and culture. We closely follow these interactions in different state, national, and even international contexts.
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TeachingThe classroom should be a place to encounter competing ideas and practice constructive disagreement. HxA curates teaching tools and perspectives about what heterodox values should mean for teaching and learning.
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Research & PublishingAcademic research is a way to seek truth, but also a social process full of competing incentives and biases. We explore how ideology and power games can make research go wrong – and ideas for how to do better.
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Academic CareersThe way professors are hired, evaluated, and protected (or not), is a central concern for academic freedom and viewpoint diversity. HxA explores what the structures of academic careers means for heterodox values, and possible ways to improve.
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Faith & ReligionFaith-based and religious viewpoints add to the pluralistic power of higher education – in teaching, truth-seeking, and helping societies navigate the deepest of disagreements – and also raise thorny questions for colleges and universities.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)The rapid rise of DEI raises deep questions about the telos of higher education, changing cultural norms and power structures, race and gender on campus, and how viewpoint diversity fits into the puzzle.
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STEMScience is widely revered. Paradoxically, though, that respect comes from a process of constant, rigorous questioning.
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