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Advancing heterodoxy in higher ed is neither a simple nor cheap affair. It takes many minds exploring many ideas, many tools employed on many campuses, and many people making many contributions. Hosting major conferences, maintaining an active blog, producing a podcast, publishing tools, collecting data, and visiting model campuses all cost money.

For donations in larger amounts, please consider mailing a check to save us the 3% processing fee. Checks can be mailed to

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As our Annual Report makes clear, HxA’s efforts are making a discernible impact. As you read the report, look for the many ways your contributions are reflected in the organization’s successes. Whether you are a member advocating for more constructive disagreement on your home campus, a philanthropist who has sponsored the development of a particular tool, or a partner organization that shared insights at our conference: thank you. It is our honor to be doing this work with you.