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Graduate Affiliate Lounge: So What’s Up With Intersectionality?

Virtual April 29, 2022 at 12:00 pm ET Graduate Affiliates Only

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Graduate affiliate members are invited to join us for a conversation with Chris Martin, HxA co-founder and Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at Oglethorpe University. We look forward to discussing Martin’s HxA blog post, Intersectionality Is a Political Football—Here’s Why It Doesn’t Have to Be, and exploring the effects of intersectional theories on graduate student life.

The event will be facilitated by fellow graduate students and structured to ensure plenty of time for free-ranging discussion. If you’re looking to get into some fun debate and conversation and make connections with open-minded graduate students, we hope to see you there!

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Heterodox events are public conversations among academics and experts on a focused topic that offer an opportunity to showcase our values in action, and provide timely discussion of pressing topics. We are currently hosting regular virtual events in addition to periodic live events. Nearly all events, virtual or live, will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel following the event.


If you have any questions about our events, inquiries about accessibility, or requests for accommodations, please contact us at

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