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Member Spotlight: How to Teach Intellectual Charity

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February 3, 2022

February 3, 2022 at 4pm ET

Want to help students practice intellectual charity when discussing current issues and analyzing texts? In this interactive session, Harvard Philosophy Associate and ThinkerAnalytix Lead Instructor Nate Otey will show you how to use a simple, practical method called argument mapping to help students listen carefully and interpret texts charitably.


Research from top universities shows that argument mapping significantly improves students’ argument analysis skills, and may even decrease partisan polarization. Attendees will leave with a simple, actionable toolkit of practice exercises and other teaching resources that can be implemented right away to make students’ thinking more precise and more charitable.

About the Speaker:

Otey Headshot
Nate Otey is an Associate in the Harvard Department of Philosophy and Lead Instructor for ThinkerAnalytix, a nonprofit that teaches the skills of logical reasoning and intellectual charity. Nate creates digital learning experiences for educators and students using a research-backed method called argument mapping. He also conducts workshops on controversial social issues.
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