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March 22, 2021

HxA Member Workshop Information

This spring, Heterodox Academy (HxA) is excited to offer its members a series of free workshops designed to enhance skills and knowledge in promoting HxA's mission within campuses, classrooms, and disciplines. Below are the workshop details:

Op-Ed Writing and Publishing Workshop

Date: March 22 (9am-12:30pm ET) & March 23 (12:30pm-4pm ET)

Led by: HxA member Jeff Snyder

Description: This two-day workshop focuses on effective writing techniques for crafting op-eds targeted at wider public audiences. Led by Jeff Snyder, participants will learn practical strategies for engaging readers beyond the academic sphere. The workshop covers topics from developing compelling narratives to collaborating with editors and handling revisions. Attendees will leave with the first draft of an op-ed.

All-Or-Nothing: "Splitting" in Politics, Race, and Group Identity

Date: April 1 (12pm-1pm ET) & April 8 (12pm-1pm ET)

Led by: HxA member Andrew Hartz

Description: This workshop, led by Andrew Hartz, examines the concept of "splitting" and its role in advancing viewpoint diversity, open inquiry, and constructive disagreement in educational settings.

Teaching Diversity Without Division Workshop

Date: May 2 (4-8pm ET)

Led by: HxA Advisory Council Member Irshad Manji

Target Audience: Exclusive to K-12 educators and administrators

Description: Irshad Manji's workshop offers research-backed pedagogy for promoting diversity without creating divisions. Educators will acquire practical skills to foster relationships across various differences.

Workshops are available exclusively for HxA members and are free-of-charge. Limited slots are available, so participants are encouraged to apply promptly using the application link below. Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 5. Please specify which workshops you can commit to attending in the application.

For inquiries or more information, please contact

Heterodox Academy - Promoting Diverse Perspectives in Education

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