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HxEast Asia Webinar | Academic Freedom of Chinese Students & Scholars Abroad after the White Paper Protests

Hx East Asia
October 26, 2023The risks Chinese students and scholars abroad face for expressing dissent, as Beijing increases its transnational threats to academic freedom

Thursday October 26th | 8:10 p.m. EST (U.S.)

In November 2022-January 2023 there was a brief upsurge of "White Paper" demonstrations by youth in major Chinese cities protesting against COVID-19 restrictions, which inspired solidarity protests by Chinese students at universities in liberal democratic countries around the world.

Subsequent arrests of protesters in China - some of them graduates of foreign universities - led dissident Chinese students and scholars abroad to ponder their own safety from retaliation by their government, and to ask whether foreign universities would protect their academic and civic freedoms if they were ever threatened. A US-based Chinese student and Chinese scholar will discuss these threats, and the duty of care of foreign universities to protect their freedoms.

Speakers (names have been anonymized):

Bella, Chinese student activist at a United States university

JY, junior Chinese scholar currently employed at a United States university

Moderator and discussant: Shaun O'Dwyer, Professor, Kyushu University, Japan

The virtual event link will be sent via email ahead of the event. Speakers will communicate by audio and text only.

Open to all HxA Members.

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