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Virtual Conversation with Jonathan Zimmerman

Member Spotlight Evolution 2
October 22, 2020

On Thursday, October 22 at 7pm ET, Heterodox Academy hosted a virtual Conversation with Jonathan Zimmerman. Zimmerman, a founding member of HxA, is a professor of history of education at the University of Pennsylvania and was recently awarded the Berkowitz Chair in Education. His upcoming book, “The Amateur Hour: A History of College Teaching in America,” is the first book-length history of America’s college teaching and was published at the end of October.

Zimmerman was joined by Amna Khalid, HxA's John Stuart Mill Fellow, for a public conversation exploring the main ideas of his book – the history of college teaching, institutional efforts to improve it, higher education’s relatively recent transitions, and what changes he concludes are needed to elevate teaching for the future.

We also held a book club for our members to discuss "The Amateur Hour: A History of College Teaching in America" -- you can check it out in our events page. Questions? Email events@heterodoxacademy.org.
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