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Flexible Funding
Opportunity Recipients

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HxCommunities Flexible Funding Opportunity (FFO) grants support the important work HxA members are doing to advance constructive disagreement, viewpoint diversity, and open inquiry in education.

Across 2021-22, HxA provided funding to members who were active participants in our HxCommunities. The recipients of the FFO grants represent a variety of disciplines and institutions, and each is an example of how our members are championing HxA values in their communities.

The FFO program invested $380,000 across 24 grants to support member projects across 13 HxCommunities.

The HxCommunities FFO was made possible through the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The opinions expressed by funded programs, projects, or events are those of the individual grantees, organizers, speakers, presenters, and attendees of such events/activities and do not necessarily reflect the views of Heterodox Academy and/or the John Templeton Foundation.

Read about the current recipients and their impact.

Campus new zealand

Campus Expression in New Zealand

Project Leads: HxNew Zealand Community Participants

Impact: Design, administration, and publication of a campus expression survey across the five largest universities in New Zealand.

La Rose

Growing Diversity of Thought in K–12 Education

Project Lead: Christina LaRose, Researcher at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign | HxK–12 Education Community

Impact: An online conference with more than 150 attendees and online dissemination of the talks.

Steven brint

STEM Scholars’ Perceptions of DEI Policies

Project Lead: Steven Brint, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, University of California, Riverside | HxSociology Community

Impact: Ongoing research study of STEM scholars’ views on the implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

Irshad Manji

Diversity Without Division

Project Lead: Irshad Manji, Founder, Moral Courage ED | HxK–12 Education Community

Impact: Distribution of Don’t Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars, byb Irshad Manji, Moral Courage founder and Oxford University fellow, to 2,000 school leaders in collaboration with the nonprofit LetGrow.


Heterodoxy in Canada

Project Lead: Martin Drapeau, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, McGill University | HxCanada Community

Impact: Hosting of the first Canadian conference on viewpoint diversity in academia on April 22, 2022, at McGill University in Montreal and virtually, in addition to designing surveys to evaluate campus expression in Canada.

I firmly believe in the mission of this group and am - as a political scientist - working each day to create a more respectful space for open dialogue in my classes.

Liz NorellAssistant Professor, Political ScienceChattanooga State Community College
Copy of Liz Norell

I believe that educators have an obligation to provide an environment for students to look at all sides of issues. I don not think that is taking place enough in today's academic environment. I want to be part of the solution.

Matthew HufnagelAdjunct Professor, Forbes School of BusinessThe University of Arizona Global Campus
Hufnagel Headshot
FFO cta
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