Heterodox Academy is now accepting applications for the second cohort of HxA Campus communities: groups of HxA members who all work or study at the same college or university, coming together on campus to promote the HxA values of open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement.

Each Campus Community is led by two or three co-chairs from the campus, with financial and advisory support from HxA. Over time, these campus-based groups will grow and develop in different ways, based on the unique opportunities and challenges of each institution.

The Campus Community Network is a natural extension of the virtual HxCommunities launched in 2018, now totaling 26 communities with nearly 3,000 participants. The new Campus Communities will give HxA members opportunities to work directly on their campuses with peers and supporters to foster positive culture change. Each Campus Community will receive at least $3,000 in program expenses from HxA to support activities in their first full year, and intensive consulting from HxA staff, in addition to peer support from across the Network.

Joining the 23 Campus Communities that launched in January, the next cohort of Campus Communities will tap into the power of local action — and help all of us learn how to reclaim the culture of higher education, one campus at a time.

First-time applicant groups are welcome to apply by April 21. Applicant groups that previously applied for our first cohort are encouraged to apply again by April 14, through a streamlined process. Communities are expected to begin their campus activities in May.