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All Minus One

All Minus One

Richard V. Reeves, Jonathan Haidt, Dave Cicirelli

John Stuart Mill’s Ideas on Free Speech, Illustrated

Heterodox Academy has produced and published two editions of the illustrated book, All Minus One, based on John Stuart Mill’s famous essay, On Liberty. Both editions bring Mill’s work to life by making it accessible and relevant to modern readers. 

All Minus One starts with an introduction by the book’s editors, Richard Reeves and Jonathan Haidt, who draw the connection between Mill, his time, and his ideas, and the issues facing our world today. By removing dated references and distilling and modernizing the original work, the editors have created a lively, readable version that is more accessible  than ever before. Key insights are highlighted by the original illustrations of artist David Cicirelli that amplify the power of Mill’s metaphors. 

Over a century and a half since John Stuart Mill made the liberal democratic case for free speech and viewpoint diversity in On Liberty, the issues remain more fraught than ever. His arguments’ enduring value are front and center in the second edition of All Minus One. The second edition, with enhanced features for classroom use, is available for purchase below.

All Minus One is ideal for use in college courses, advanced high school classes, or in any organization in which people would benefit from productive,  constructive disagreement.  

Accessing All Minus One, Second Edition

Accessing All Minus One, First Edition

Classroom Discussion Guide

We are also proud to offer an accompanying discussion guide and encourage educators to use it to elevate classroom conversations about All Minus One. This discussion guide is intended to spark constructive conversation and critical thinking about the book, its arguments and their relevance, and the state of our communities, campuses, and country today. We encourage you to adapt it to meet your needs and choose the most appropriate focus based on your teaching objectives.

Classroom Activities

These classroom activities were designed to help expand students’ understanding of the text,  interact more deeply with Mill’s ideas, and learn how to apply the lessons of All Minus One to their daily lives. We encourage you to adapt them to meet your needs and choose the most appropriate focus based on your teaching objectives.

About the Illustrator & Editors

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We are compiling a compendium of initiatives, policies, programs, and other innovations that have been deployed in classrooms, on campuses, and in disciplines to support open inquiry, viewpoint diversity, and constructive disagreement. We want to hear practical strategies, tools, and resources that have worked for you, and that others can readily adapt and implement in their own institutions. These can range from entire courses to syllabi, reading lists, and research. Learn more & contribute.

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