By virtue of living in a pluralistic democracy and learning on pluralistic campuses, there are individuals all around us who think and feel differently than we do. While this viewpoint diversity is a net positive when it comes to learning, solving the world’s most pressing problems, and exposing falsehoods, it can be difficult to understand or connect with political “others” who herald from an opposing tribe.

While current polls suggest a widening Biden lead, we can’t know for certain who will win the election. But, here’s something we do know: No matter who wins the United States Presidential election on Tuesday, November 3 (or perhaps months later, if we find ourselves in a state of postelection uncertainty), some (not all) students, faculty and staff on our campuses will be disappointed.

Our opportunity as educators — our responsibility, really — is to help students, and ourselves, grow and engage regardless of who wins. As one step along this path, HxA created this workshop, which others are invited to adopt and adapt for use within their local contexts.