Xander Snyder and Erik Fogg host the ReConsider Podcast—their motto is “We don’t do the thinking for you.” You can visit reconsidermedia.com to learn more about their podcast, which covers politics, history, and society. This episode is longer than the typical episode because of it’s a simulcast across two podcasts.

0:00 Introduction to Erik, Xander, and the Reconsider podcast
5:00 How do you “not do the thinking” for your listener?
17:20 Socratic dialogue as a technique
20:30 The difference between psychological facts and historical facts
32:00 Goals of Heterodox Academy
37:20 How to become more informed about history and propaganda
40:10 Common problems in learning


Andrew Guess, Brendan Nyhan, & Jason Reifler — Selective Exposure to Misinformation: Evidence from the Consumption of Fake News

Matt Grossman and David Hopkins – Asymmetric Politics: Ideological Republicans and Group Interest Democrats

Kevin Kruse and Julian Zelizer on the RINO label

Jarret Crawford’s research on asymmetrical and symmetrical political bias

Jason Stanley – How Propaganda Works

Open Mind Platform

The Bulwark Podcast

Why is This Happening? with Chris Hayes and All In With Chris Hayes


This is a transcript of the episode.

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