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This episode features cognitive psychologist and human memory expert, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus. It’s a recording of a live webinar hosted by HxA on June 8, 2020 called Cocktails and Canceled Conversations with Elizabeth Loftus.

Dr. Loftus is a Distinguished Professor at UC-Irvine in the Department of Psychological Science and the Department of Criminology, Law, and Society. She has published over 20 books and 600 scientific articles, and she has served as an expert witness or consultant in hundreds of cases, including the McMartin Preschool Molestation case, the Hillside Strangler, the Menendez brothers, and the Oklahoma Bombing. Earlier this year, Dr. Loftus was scheduled to speak at New York University, but her talk was canceled following her testimony at the Harvey Weinstein trial.

You can follow Elizabeth Loftus on twitter @eloftus1. If you have any comments you can contact Cory Clark at or on twitter @ImHardcory.

Here is the transcript of the episode.

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