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October 30, 2018+Team HxA
+Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Episode 37: Charlotta Stern, Gender Sociology’s Problems

An interview with Charlotta Stern, sociologist at Stockholm University, about the problem of biological sex differences being neglected in gender sociology. Charlotta is the author of “Undoing insularity: A small study of gender sociology’s big problems” and “Does political ideology hinder insight on gender and labor markets?” She was also one of the authors on the Duarte et al. (2015) BBS paper that helped launch Heterodox Academy, “Political diversity will improve psychological science.” Her research has focused on social movement dynamics, labor market stratification, and on the political views of professors. Timeline 0:00 Intro/Steven Pinker 7:40 Studying the impact of Pinker on gender sociology 12:40 Evolution, genes, and the sociology of health 15:55 Brainwashed: the Norwegian documentary 21:20 Sociology is being impoverished 22:15 Reactions to Charlotta’s research at Stockholm University Charlotta Stern’s Publications Undoing insularity: A small study of gender sociology’s big problems Does political ideology hinder insight on gender and labor markets? Political diversity will improve psychological science Links Charlotta Stern’s Website at Stockholms Universistet Doing Gender, Candace West and Don Zimmerman Brainwashed (Hjernevask) Documentary on Nature and Nurture The Genomic Challenge to the Social Construction of Race The Gender-Equality Paradox in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic Education   See the full list of episodes of Half Hour of Heterodoxy >>


This is a transcript of this episode.

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