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Hx A Affiliation
June 9, 2021+Team HxA

How to Describe Your HxA Affiliation

Since our launch, we have seen a radical increase in the number of people committed to finding solutions to the challenges HxA exists to address. Scholars have launched research collaborations, working groups, and events; they have developed pedagogical innovations; members have sought out ways to better institutionalize heterodoxy in everything from course syllabi to job ads, to non-discrimination and diversity statements; and they have been making their case to their colleagues and other academic stakeholders through public talks, publications and social media engagement. And progress is being made as a result of their initiative, courage, hard work and perseverance.

As the movement continues to grow and incorporates a larger and more diverse array of stakeholders, and as more efforts are being developed and launched without the direct involvement of HxA leadership (which is the goal!), questions increasingly arise about how members and other supporters should describe their relationship with HxA, and the connections between HxA’s efforts and their own. This resource contains some common ways people have sought to express affiliation or solidarity with HxA and guidance as to if or how they should proceed.


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